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Best Buy Offers Blu-Ray for $300

March 17, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

One of the fears about Blu-ray’s victory in the high definition DVD format war was that without competition, prices would not fall or could even rise. The fact that older Blu-ray players don’t have the capabilities of current models, and that new models with Internet support won’t be out until next fall (at the earliest?) could be causing some buyers to delay a purchase decison for the time being. And the declining economy isn’t helping any. So are the manufacturers going to have to lower prices in order to attract customers?

It looks that way. Yesterday, Best Buy’s sales flyer included a deal that saves you $100 off a specific Blu-ray player if you buy any HDTV that costs $999 or more at the same time. What is this player? It’s a 40 GB Sony PlayStation 3, and the deal brings the price down from $399 to $299, making it arguably the best bargain out there for a Blu-ray player. Plus you can play some pretty cool games on it.