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Verizon Plagued by Success?

February 28, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

A news story in the Wall Street Journal last week reported that Verizon was having problems with a shortage of HD set top boxes for its FiOS television service. FiOS is the company’s service that provides telephone, high speeed broadband Internet, and television to homes over .

The problem appears to be that Motorola has not been able to keep up with the demand for the FiOS HD set top boxes. The story reports a Motorola representative as saying that demand has “exceeded expectations“. Apparently, Motorola is not having any difficulties in supplying set top boxes to cable services such as Comcast and Cox.

In this age of immediate gratification, we expect to have our email or music or movies or television or phone service instantly available to us wherever we are at that moment. While the software required for this is pretty remarkable, it’s situations such as this supply hitch with Motorola that reminds us that hardware still plays an essential role. And when it comes to manufacturing stuff, it’s hard to turn production on or off on a dime, and it takes time to make adjustments and get the physical objects from there to here.

The bottom line is that some new FiOS customers may have to wait a week or so for their new service. According to the article, that doesn’t seem to deter new subscribers. So Verizon is having to deal with a little too much success, which is the sort of problem that I’m sure that they welcome.