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Samsung’s 32″ 1080p LCD HDTV

February 25, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I try to explain to people that you need to sit close enough to an HDTV that you get a cinematic experience; a small screen across the room won’t give you the benefit of the fine detail available in the HD image. If you use the screen size calculations in my book, Professor Poor’s Guide to Buying HDTV, you’ll find that the optimum distance to sit from a 32″ 1080p set is less than four feet! So why would Samsung announce earlier this month that they will introduce a 32″ 1080p LCD HDTV?

The Korea Times reports that a Samsung spokesperson said “We have finally decided to release the mid-sized full HD television set as sales of video sources and contents including games made for Sony’s PlayStation 3 console have been increasing at a solid pace.” And that makes the mission of this set crystal clear; it’s intended to be a display for the video gaming platforms including the PS3 and the Xbox 360, which can produce 1080p images.

I have long contended that the ardent video game players are a market unto themselves for HDTVs, as many of them are young adults with the disposable income (or credit) and the desire to “trick out” their gaming platforms for maximum enjoyment. So using a 32″ HDTV as a personal display while playing video games makes a lot of sense. I think that this new model is too small to be a top seller in the broader market, but I do expect gamers to have a strong interest in this and similar models that provide support for the highest resolution in more compact (and affordable) display than one that is 40″ or larger.