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Digital Converters, Almost for Free!

February 22, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Well, once again I get to publicly proclaim that I was wrong. In an earlier entry in the HDTV Almanac about digital TV converters, I wrote “wait until the end of 2008 to buy one. By then, competition will likley drive the price down to below $50, so you will practically get the converter for free.”

Who knew that the “end of 2008” would come so quickly? Wal-Mart already carries not one but two different digital TV converter boxes for under $50: the Thomson RCA DTA800 and the Magnavox Digital-to-Analog TV Converter Box. And the NTIA has only just started sending out rebate coupons!

I still believe that a lot of companies saw the digital TV converter box market as a pot of gold, and competition has already worked to drive the price way down. That’s not to say that they won’t cost a lot less by the end of 2008 when the prospects of selling remaining stock will start to grow dim. But this means that today, with a rebate coupon, these boxes will cost you less than $10. So there’s no reason to wait to get one if you need it.