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How Many HDTVs Do You Have?

February 5, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Just a few years ago, the idea of having more than one HDTV in your home seemed to be reserved for the mega-rich like Bill Gates. Falling prices and changing expectations have changed all that. A survey reported by IDC last month revealed that consumers are adding flat panel TVs in places where they did not have a television before: kitchen, bathroom, or even the garage.

The survey also revealed that a third of the respondents intend to get a 40″-49″ TV for their next purchase, and they would rather get 1080p than 720p, even if it means that they have to settle for a smaller set.

My own personal observation is that I think many people who purchased a smaller HDTV initially for their main viewing space are now discovering that they should have purchased a larger screen. Now that prices have come down so far, the smaller set is being moved to a bedroom or kitchen or other location, and they’re buying a larger set for their main location. We haven’t seen the January sales figures yet, but I suspect that retailers probably have a lot of inventory left over now that the SuperBowl is behind us, and they may be looking to make some deals soon to move them out of their stores.