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DVDs on Demand

January 29, 2008 | Author: Ibex Marketing

A lot of movies have been made. Talk about an understatement! The Internet Movie Database currently lists close to half a million different titles. It’s a safe bet that only a small fraction of those titles are available on DVD, because the market for many of them is so small that it’s not worth gearing up a production run of even a few thousand copies. But all that is set to change.

Last week, HP and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment announced that Sony will license some of its catalog titles for HP’s DVD manufactured-on-demand DVD service. Sony is the first major studio to sign on with the service, but it is expected that other studios will follow. The system reduces the inventory and packaging costs, making it feasible to provide DVDs of titles that may have low demand.

So if you’re a fan of some obscure films, this new development could point the way toward giving you easier access to titles that you might not otherwise get to own.