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Another Setback for OLED

December 14, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Remember how Toshiba promised to ship 30″ OLED HDTVs in 2009? As the saying goes, that statement is now “non-operational“. Surprise, surprise; Toshiba has discovered that the cost of mass production does not make it practical to produce the sets at this point. So the project is on hold indefinitely. The company will instead focus its efforts on small OLED panels for mobile displays.

Given the manufacturing challenges and material problems of differential aging that remain unresolved, it makes sense that Toshiba has pulled back from the initial goal. At this point, OLEDs are best suited for smaller applications where the hours of use will be much lower than for a television.

At this point, only Samsung remains out there with a promise of 42″ OLED HDTVs by 2010. While I truly hope that they hit this target, my advice is that you do not hold your breath.