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Panasonic Offers HDTV Concierge Service for Free

December 12, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

In a repeat of last year’s promotional offer, Panasonic has unlocked the door to their “Plasma Concierge” service. This is normally available only to owners of Panasonic plasma HDTV products, but from now through February 3, 2008, anyone can call for advice about HDTVs. The service is intended to provide basic and technical information, as well as guide consumers in buying the right TV set based on viewing habits, room size, and other factors.

The service is available Monday through Friday from 9AM to 9PM Eastern, Saturday and Sunday 10AM to 7PM Eastern. You can reach it with a toll-free call to 1-888-777-1170.

This service is certainly a strong move by Panasonic. It’s a little unfortunate that it’s called “Plasma Concierge” because Panasonic also has LCD and rear projection HDTVs in their product lineup, so it’s not clear whether callers will be steered to a plasma solution. Clearly, the company has an interest in what you decide to buy, so you cannot characterize this advice as “impartial“. Still, it’s free and can be a place to start your research for your HDTV purchase.

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