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Look Ma! No Wires!

November 21, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Okay, maybe it’s not “no wires”, because this new LCD TV from LG Electronics still needs to be plugged into a power outlet. But you don’t need to connect it to your set top box or DVD player, at least not with cables. The 52LG71 has high-speed WiFi 802.11n wireless connectivity built right in, so you can transmit HD content fast enough to keep up. The company has not released full details about the model yet, but intends to showcase it at CES in January in Las Vegas (and of course, I’ll be there to report on the highlights of the show).

This wireless feature is probably aimed at accessing stored content on home computer networks, but it’s an important step on two fronts. First, wireless connectivity will eventually help TVs access all sorts of video, music, and other content directly on the Web. And when the WiFi connection is used to connect to DVD players and set top boxes, it will make component placement and setup much easier. There will be no worrying about whether you have the right cables, or which connector to use. And if all the devices can “converse” with each other, eventually you’ll be able to control all the pieces by telling them what you want to do, rather than give individual commands to each piece.

Networking is clearly the future for televisions.