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HDTV: Far Out!

November 16, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

A press release from DirecTV today, the company is offering to do an extreme home makeover that is out of this world. Their target? Nothing less than the International Space Station! They want to equip the new living quarters with a 42″ HDTV screen, and HD DVR, and HDTV service including a variety of national HD channels. And to make sure that nobody loses the remote control, they plan to wrap it in velcro so it doesn’t drift off in the zer0-G environment.

Yes, this is a PR ploy; there’s no word yet on whether NASA will accept the offer. But it’s a clever one all the same, and helps reinforce the space aspects of satellite TV service. And it also gives DirecTV a chance to remind people that they intend to offer more than 100 HDTV channels of programming before the end of this year. Far out, indeed!

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