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Seen Joost Lately?

November 14, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Why do I think IPTV is going to be such as big deal? Maybe it’s because I can’t resist checking out what’s playing on the “B Movie” channel on Shoutcast TV, even though it’s a small image and horribly over-compressed. Or maybe I think that Lynne & Tessa are really funny. Or maybe it’s how entertaining it is to practice my French comprehension watching French TV. What I want to watch, when I want to watch it.

But then look at Joost. The resolution is great, and a lot of the programming does not have the compression artifacts that plague much of Internet TV. And in recent months, they’ve added lots of content. I’m a fan of short films, and they have at least a half dozen channels just for that. You can pick and choose what channels you want to have in your own collection, making it easy to find content. The programming includes sports, lots of current music, movies, new and old TV shows, and much more.

And it’s free. There are brief ads before the programming segments, but they’re short and I prefer them over having to pay a subscription fee. It’s easy to use, has a broad assortment of content, and is fun to explore (even if you don’t remember Starsky and Hutch from when it first aired). Check it out, and tell me you don’t want something like this available on your TV in your living room. IPTV isn’t coming; it’s here.