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SneakerNet DVR

October 30, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

SneakerNet” was the derogatory term for transfering data from one computer to another by copying it to a floppy disk and walking the disk from one computer to the Other. SanDisk has released the SansaTake TV, a USB device designed to make it easy to transfer video content from a PC to a television.

You connect the SansaTake TV to your computer, and transfer video content to it. You then take the device and slip it into a dock connected to your TV, and you can watch the stored content on your TV. This is a great idea, as many consumers appear to balk at the idea of a computer in the living room, and also don’t want to have to struggle with setting up a wired or wireless home network.

Consumers are already used to putting a DVD into their player to watch video content, so using a solid state storage device to transfer video content from the Web to your TV through a PC may be an appealing solution. The best answer will be to have Web-aware televisions with easy to navigate interfaces, but until those are available, this could be a good interim approach.