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End of the Road for Another LCoS

October 18, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

It’s enough to make me start wondering if I’ve got my own version of the Sports Illustrated “Kiss of Death” going here. (Buy me a cold bevearage and ask about the Cauzin Strip Reader or the PD CD format or the Zenith MiniSport’s 2″ floppy disk sometime….) But I had to go all enthusiastic over the Olevia 665H that I saw in Denver last month at CEDIA 2007, a gorgeous 65″ 1080p LCoS rear projection HDTV that was scheduled to list for $1,999. Note that the operative word is “was“.

Yesterday, Syntax-Brillian announced that they are closing down their LCoS operations, and will focus on their flat panel products. They are looking for a buyer for the LCoS business, and it’s conceivable that the 665H design could reappear under another brand, but it’s got to be seen as a long shot at this point.

There are still companies playing in the LCoS microdisplay panel space. Sony and JVC are the two leaders, but Spatialight, Microdisplay, Displaytech and others are also involved in the LCoS market. Other companies have called it quits, however, with Philips being most notable in recent years.

It was a long road from Colorado Microdisplay to Zight to ThreeFive to Brillian to Syntax-Brillian, but it looks as though this line of LCoS product may have finally reached the end of the line.