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More Big Screens from Olevia

October 15, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Syntax-Brillian is looking to make some noise for its Olevia brand in the larger sizes, and has announced two new LCD HDTVs. The 247TFHD is a 47″ model that has an MSRP of $1,999. The 265TFHD is 65″, and lists for $6,995. Both have 1080p resolution, a pair of HDMI connectors, and thin bezel design. The 65″ model uses a panel provided by Sharp.

It’s interesting to note where these sets will be sold. According to a company press release, the 47″ model is available at Target and BJ’s, and is expected to show up at Circuit City next month. Perhaps more significant is the fact that the 65″ model is available now at Costco, and soon at Target. Breaking into Costco is an important step, and a bit of a coup given Vizio’s strong position there. Also, it seems a bit strange that Target would take on a $7,000 product, but maybe it’s a fit with its image of being the upscale discount store.

These new models also highlight the discrepencies in pricing between technologies. The 47″ model is priced at $1,999, which is the same price as Olevia’s 65″ LC0S 1080p rear projection set, the 665H. Apparently, consumers are still willing to accept a much smaller screen for the same price, in order to get a flat panel model.