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HDTV Technology Choices

October 1, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

When it comes to comparing the value of the different HDTV technologies, it’s difficult at times to compare apples to oranges. In preparing this week’s Professor Poor’s Weekly Price Intelligence Report, I found an ad page that provides an interesting comparison. On page 10 of the Best Buy circular, the company offers you three different Samsung HDTVs; take your pick for $1,799.99 (and that’s after their “instant savings”). So what are your choices?

The LNT4066F is a 42″ LCD with 1080p resolution. It has three HDMI connectors.

The HPT5054 is a 50″ plasma with 1356 by 768 pixel resolution, which means that it can produce 720p images without scaling, but not 1080p. It also has three HDMI connectors.

The HLT5676S is a 56″ DLP rear projection model with 1080p resolution. It also has 3 HDMI, and a slim case that is not as deep as most rear projection models.

So, for the same price from the same store from the same manufacturer, you can get a 40″, 50″, or 56″ HDTV. The advantages and the disadvantges of the different technologies can help you choose between these, or maybe you’ll just choose the largest you can get for the money. Which one would you choose?

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