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Tiny Projector

August 31, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Share a movie on your cell phone?

Ilgin Display has announced that they intend to ship an add-on projector for mobile phones in Korea starting this September, followed by exports to other markets soon after. The projector uses a tiny imager with solid-state lasers as the light source. It’s bright enough to display a 20-inch diagonal image on a wall or other surface.

This is exciting as cell phones are new services that deliver video and other content. A cell phone that can read memory cards could be used as the new slide projector, making it a portable platform for showing digital photos to small groups of people. And as I’ve theorized, downloadable movies from the Internet could be stored on FLASH memory cards, so all you may need to watch a movie on your next airplane flight is your cell phone and one of these projectors. (Or maybe there will be a version of the projector that can read memory cards or USB drives by itself.)

Iljin also makes an intriguing comment about the projector; it would alsio be useful for making video phone calls. With technology like this, can Dick Tracy’s two-way video phone be far off?