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NFL Zebras to Get HD Replay

August 13, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Have you seen the television commercial for Sharp Aquos LCD HDTVs? It’s the one where the golfer hits the ball in the rough, and everyone on the course is searching for the ball but can’t find it. And all the folks watching at home — on high-definition LCD TVs — can clearly see the ball, and they’re all pointing and yelling at the screen.

It makes for a great commercial, but think about this for a second; when does it make a huge difference how well a person can see a sports event on a television screen? How about the instant replay officials at an NFL game? A little extra detail on the screen could turn the tide of a game. Is that toe on the chalk or not? Did the ball hit the ground or was the receiver’s hand under it?

The NFL gets HDTV instant replay

The Harris Corporation has provided the equipment that will give NFL instant replay officials an HD view of the games. The systems are already installed in 28 of the NFL stadiums across the country; New York, Dallas, and Indianapolis are awaiting the completion of renovations before making the switch. The HD systems will be used starting with this year’s preseason contests.

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