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Sharp Announces Gen 10 LCD Plant

August 2, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Got a spare $3.2 billion? Then you too can build a tenth generation — 10G — LCD production plant just like Sharp. Sharp is the first company to announce plans for a production line that will handle sheets of glass substrates this large. As already reported here, the glass will be more than 10 feet square. This size can make six 60″ HDTVs per sheet, but is also too large to transport. So it is no surprise that Sharp’s announcement on Tuesday included plans to colocate other manufacturing plants on the same site, including a glass substrate factory.

What is a bit of a surprise is that that two glass companies are planning to build factories at the site. Corning Inc. is the worldwide leader with about a 60% market share, and Asahi Glass Company is #2, and both indicate that they will be building at the complex.

Another surprise is that Sharp also intends to build the world’s largest solar cell plant at the site as well. Construction on both plants is slated to start this fall, and both will be in production by 2010.