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Westinghouse Set to Give Away HDTVs

July 23, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The sweepstakes is not slated to launch until August 13, but Westinghouse Digital has teamed up with the Oxygen cable network to create a “Girls Gone Wired” promotion. Winners in 20 local affiliate markets will get a “total techover” that will include up to $5,000 worth of Westinghouse products. There will also be 20 runner up prizes that will award an SK-32H590D, a 32” LCD TV that feature a built-in, front-slot load DVD player. When the sweepstakes goes live, you’ll be able to enter at

This is an interesting promotion, as we enter the collegiate and professional football seasons. This is prime time for the male members of the household to start lobbying for a large HDTV. The Oxygen and Westinghouse promotion is intended to help women feel more comfortable about technology: not just HDTVs, but GPS, mobile phone features, and digital imaging. More women clearly want to play a part in technology purchase decisions, and this promotion is designed to help encourage them.

The rules of the sweepstakes have not yet been posted, but it appears that consumers with Y chromosomes will also be allowed to participate.