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No New Rear Projection HDTVs from Toshiba

July 2, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

My friend and colleague Ken Werner reported in Friday’s “Display Daily” from Insight Media that Toshiba’s summer line show event did not include any new rear projection models. He cited a Toshiba representative as saying that the company will continue with their existing DLP models, but are focusing on their line of Regza LCD HDTVs instead.

So another company appears poised to drop out of the rear projection competition. With 50″ models selling for less than $1,000, it’s clear that there many not be as much money to be made per set as with 50″ plasma and LCDs that cost about twice as much. But case sizes are shrinking; rear projection sets already are about the same depth as the stand for an equivalent size plasma or LCD. And the lamp that bothers many buyers is rapidly being replaced by solid state light sources: high-brightness LEDs, electrode-less plasma, and soon, lasers. The attractive value proposition may speak loudly to the market segment that currently is still on the sidelines, waiting for prices to fall further before making the switch to a digital television.

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