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Satellite Services Lead in Satisfaction

June 20, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The 2007 American Customer Satisfaction Index results from the University of Michigan were released last month, according to a report in The Bridge. First, the good news: the two satellite TV services lead the cable companies by a significant margin. DISH Network and DirecTV are tied at the top with a 67 score. (In 2006, DirecTV had a three point lead over DISH at 71 to 68). The bad news is that everyone except Cox (63 points) and Charter (55 points) scored lower than in 2006.

Cable companies seem to be the utility that customers love to hate, which tends to happen when you’re dealing with a monopoly. (It seems that “Ma Bell” had a similar reputation when I was growing up.) Satellite companies are in direct competition with each other, and so may be a bit hungrier for your business which may be why they are perceived more favorably by consumers. Still, the satellite and cable industry as a whole only scored 62 points, which is considerably lower than some other industries; the average ACSI score for hotel chains was 71 points. As telephone companies and the Internet give people more options for their video content services, perhaps the increased competition will help raise the level of service and boost the industry’s satisfaction scores.

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