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Westinghouse Backs Gaming on HDTV

June 13, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

At three national gaming events this summer, Westinghouse Digital Electronics will showcase its 1080p LCD HDTVs. The events are Comic-Con (July 26-29, San Diego, CA) and two Showdown LAN events (June 15-17, San Jose, CA and September 14-16, Indianapolis, IN). Westinghouse will also be giving away 37″ 1080p LCD HDTVs at all three events.

The fact is that gamers are discovering that larger displays add a great deal to the video gaming experience. As someone who has a long history in computer simulation, I know that one of the key concepts to making a simulated experience seem real is that of “immersion“. Filling your field of view with detailed imagery is one important key to effective immersion. When you play a computer game, a smaller window on your simulated world may be sufficient, but the new games that require more motion by the player — especially the interactive Wii games — demand a large screen experience.

So it makes sense that Westinghouse will promote its products to gamers. The company has announced new 37″, 42″, and 47″ 1080p LCD HDTV models, and their aggressive pricing will help make them attractive to gamers.