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SID 2007: HDTV Industry Goes Green

May 29, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Some may call it an inconvenient truth, but worldwide consumers are becoming more conscious of energy and environmental issues. (Do you think that $3/gallon gasoline could be a factor?) The big take-away from the SID 2007 conference is that the display industry hears that message loud and clear, and many companies were talking “green” about their products.

Starting right at the component level, Corning Glass touted their new Eagle XG glass substrate for LCD panels that eliminates heavy metals that are of environmental concern. LCD makers were showing how dynamic backlights could save 40% or more over traditional backlights that remain on at full power all the time. The photo below shows two panels; the top one on has a dynamic backlight that adjusts its output based on the image on the screen. The numbers to the right show that the top panel is only using about 60% of the power used by the lower panel.

The numbers on the right show the power consumption of two LCD panels; the one on top draws less power.

Perhaps the “greenest” story of all, however, was the new Laser TV prototype. According to the laser manufacturer Novalux, a 65″ Laser TV should draw about 25% as much power as a 65″ plasma HDTV.

With energy prices rising and consumers wanting to do something “good” for the environment with their purchases, a “green” sales pitch will give companies a competitive advantage for now. Perhaps as soon as the next holiday buying season, however, not having an environmentally friendly spin on their products soon will put them at a disadvantage in the marketplace.