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Blu-ray Calls to Gamers

April 12, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

A screenshot from the Blu-ray version of

Blu-ray proponents are doing their best to catch up on the lead established by the HD DVD camp with their earlier release of high definition players. Now comes word that one company is dangling Blu-ray technology to try to attract the video gaming crowd. The original 1983 arcade game “Dragon’s Lair” has been digitally restored and enhanced, and ported to the Blu-ray Java environment (also known as BD-J). The publisher Digital Leisure expects to ship the new version ship this week.

This is an interesting marketing effort, but I have to question its effectiveness. I’m not a serious gamer (even though I did log more than a few hours with “Doom” back in the day), but I have to wonder if a game that is old enough to buy liquor will be appealing simply by dressing it up in high definition. I suspect that the serious gamers are playing on their XBox 360 and PS3 consoles, and will want games for that platform more than for a turbocharged movie player.

In any case, I don’t see the release of this game as having any impact as a “tipping point” factor in the Blu-ray versus HD DVD competition.