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Down with Wires!

March 26, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

A couple of weeks ago, Motorola announced the purchase of Amimon, Inc., a company that has created a wireless high-definition interface that it calls “WHDI“. Now, Motorola is big in wireless connectivity, but we think of it as a cell phone company. Why is it getting involved in HD?

The fact is that wireless connectivity offers a huge boost in the ease of use and lowers the cost of installation for home entertainment systems. Wire may be cheap, but labor is expensive. By the time you snake cables through walls, under floors, and over ceilings, you can burn through a lot of costly installation time (whether it’s a professional’s time or your own). Just as wireless home theater surround speaker systems simplify the cabling for sound, solutions like WHDI make installing video easier. The system has been demonstrated with uncompressed 1080i signals, making it an attractive alternative to a rats nest of wires.