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Truth Patrol: More Digital TV Confusion

March 5, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

HDTV Truth Patrol

The headline on the BizBlog on the Idaho Business Review Web site screams “You need to buy an HDTV in the next 24 months”. This proves that there is at least one more Chicken Little writing about television in the blogosphere.

Here are the facts, folks. In February 2009, analog broadcast over the air will cease. Digital broadcast over the air will continue, as it is available now. If you get your television over the air, you will need a digital tuner to receive the signal. You do not need an HDTV to view television content broadcast with a digital signal. You can use your existing television and simply add an external tuner. Your existing antenna may even work well enough that you won’t need a new antenna.

If you have cable or satellite service, you don’t have to change a thing.

So the bottom line is that television is not going to switch to HDTV — high-definition television — in February 2009, and you don’t have to buy a new television. And the sky is not falling.

If you see something about HDTV that is wrong, or just makes you go “huh?”, write me at and you could win a cool Truth Patrol t-shirt.