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Olevia Plays in the Major Leagues

January 31, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

This morning, Syntax-Brillian announced a partnership with AEG to become a “Founding Partner” at a number of AEG venues across the country, including L.A. Live, STAPLES Center, Sprint Center, and Citizen’s Bank Arena. The multimillion dollar sponsorship agreement will see Olevia-branded LCD and RPTV displays integrated throughout the venues, in digital signage and hospitality applications. And of course, the Olevia brand will be display all over the place.

Syntax-Brillian has accomplished a lot in a relatively short time to get broad name recognition for their new brand. A combination of marketing and good product distribution has made the Olevia name more familiar to consumers. This major league marketing effort now lets them play toe to toe with the big guys like Samsung and Sharp. And given the fact that sports is one of the leading motivators for consumers to step up to HDTV, sports arenas are a natural spot to place their marketing bets.

Every year, I see many new HDTV companies at trade shows such as CEDIA and CES, and they all have shiny new product lines and a name nobody has hear of before. Talking to their representatives, I often find that they are all set to make a mark on the American market, just as soon as they find retail distribution of their products. This is actually a very difficult hurdle to clear. The fact that Syntax-Brillian has made that step and is able to make a marketing deal on this scale demonstrates that while it’s hard to launch a new brand in this business, it’s not impossible.