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HDTV Prices: Going Down

January 30, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

A story in DigiTimes reports that the Photonics Industry Technology & Development Association (PIDA) has predicted that prices for 32″ LCD HDTV panels will decline 7.6%. That’s not their prediction for all of 2007; it’s just for the first quarter. And 37″ panel prices are expected to fall 6.1%. PIDA estimates that the average selling price for the 32″ panels will be $300, and 42″ panels will average less than $600 (down from about $700 just last September).

This certainly flies in the face of the “slower decline” hopes for HDTV pricing that has been voiced by some major manufacturers. The fact is that the 32″ panels have truly become a commodity already, as many of the big brands have turned to the LCD factories in Taiwan and China for panels in this size range. The fact that 42″ panels are dropping this low already is a bit more surprising. If PIDA’s predictions are on target, we should expect 42″ LCD HDTVs to routinely cost $1,200 or less by the summer.