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HD SuperBowl on More Cable

January 23, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Last week, I mentioned the beef that some network affiliate station owners had with local cable services offering their HD programming without paying anything extra for it. And right now, if that station is affiliated with CBS, a lot of subscribers are very interested in a quick settlement to the problem… say, before February 4th. Not being able to get the SuperBowl in HD is a strongy motivating factor.

Well, Time Warner has reached an agreement with Sinclair Broadcasting. The cable company can carry Sinclair’s local HD broadcasts. This deal affects Time Warner subscribers in markets around the country, including Ohio, New York, and Maine.

It seems that sports programming really does drive HD content, as the customers apparently get more concerned about their cable system’s HD coverage as major events near, such as college bowl games and the SuperBowl. The conflict between the affiliate owners and cable companies shows that there are still a lot of details remaining to be ironed out as the world of television continues to evolve rapidly, and the question of who pays for what is going to be at the center of these disputes. As they say, follow the money.