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Sundance Online

January 18, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Lots of people have the same complaint about IPTV as they do about broadcast television and cable: “500 channels and nothing’s on“. Well, if you’re looking for quality content for free on the Internet, you need look no further than the Sundance Film Festival’s site. Starting today, the festival will post complete short films as they debut. You will have until June 2007 to watch them.

This is an excellent example of being able to find high-quality entertainment content on the Web, and in this case, it’s all free. (You are invited to make a donation to the festival if you choose, but that’s on a separate part of the site.) As a fan of short films, I find that this is an excellent way to try out video on the Web; you only spend five to ten minutes on most of the films, and if one is not to your tastes, just try another.