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CES: OLED Lives!

January 10, 2007 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I know that this coverage is unbalanced, giving Sony two entries in a row, but the news is worth it. In addition to all their new products, Sony also is demonstrating a 27″ 1080p OLED TV here at CES in Las Vegas. OLED is the technology that many think is most likely to gain a toehold against LCD and plasma. It is thinner than LCD, and has the brightness, color, and viewing angle of a traditional CRT picture tube television.

The Sony demonstrator looks great. According to reports, Sony is seriously considering putting the technology into production for smaller sized televisions, and is developing larger panels as well.

It’s hard to break in with any new technology. One of the biggest problems is making the new displays at a price that can compete successfully with the established alternatives. It took a long time for LCDs to finally get competitive with CRTs, and even then just at the larger sizes. So OLEDs have to be a long shot bet at this point, but I believe that they are a lot more likely to make it than the Toshiba/Canon SED displays.