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Truth Patrol: Ford’s Ultimate Confusion

November 15, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

HDTV Truth Patrol
Okay, I’m blowing the whistle and throwing the flag on this play myself. Am I the only one who noticed the ads for Ford’s “Ultimate Tailgate Sweepstakes“? It’s a cool promotion, in which someone will win a new Ford F-150 pickup truck that has been tricked out for tailgate parties. According to the ads, it has a built-in gas grill. The amazing feature, however, is that it will have “5 plasma screen TVs.” The photos in the ads show one large flat screen HDTV — possibly 37″? — that could indeed be a plasma, but the four flat panels that fold down inside from the cargo cover look to be about 19″ or so (and maybe not even widescreen). Folks, I’ll have my hat for lunch if these other four are plasmas; they have to be LCDs.

Maybe I’m being too hard on these poor ad agency folks, but there’s more than enough confusion out there without using “plasma” as a synonym for “flat screen television.” Is the prize less attractive if it’s listed as having “four LCD TVs and one plasma large screen HDTV”? I’d still love to have it, and it would help spread the truth about flat panel technology.