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Black Friday Looms Large

November 14, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Last week, I mentioned Wal-Mart’s preemptive strike on Black Friday HDTV pricing, with low prices on major brand models. Well, another shoe has dropped as sources are publicizing the specials that Best Buy will reportedly be offering on Black Friday. How about a 50″ plasma for $1,699? That’s not some off-brand model, either; it’s a Toshiba. Or how about a 32″ Westinghouse LCD HDTV for less than $500? Or a 42″ Westinghouse LCD TV for for $999? That’s incredible; it’s rare enough to find a 37″ model below $1,000, and here’s a 42″ model at that price.

Now, keep in mind that these deals will almost certainly be loss leaders with very limited quantities. Expect to spend Thanksgiving night on the sidewalk in a sleeping bag if you hope to get one of these, but at these prices, it may be a good way to sleep off that tryptophan overdose.