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The World Wide TV

November 6, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

If you get all the news you want from USA Today, just go ahead and skip today’s entry.

We tend to think of television as a uniquely American phenomenon, and until the advent of cable and satellite service, we rarely got a chance to see video programming from other countries. It still is rare on broadcast television services. Nowhere do the cultural differences show more clearly than in news programming. Events that get coverage by major American news outlets are often covered by the press in other countries, and the contrasts between how they tell the same stories can be thought provoking, if not enlightening. It used to be that the only way to get foreign news broadcasts was to fiddle with shortwave radios.

Once again, the World Wide Web has changed everything. The Internet Broadcast Corporation has just gone live with a new site: It provides video clips of news and local stories from around the world. It organizes the clips by region and country, and you can search for news by keywords. Clips in languages other than English are translated with sub-titles. It’s available 24/7, and best of all, it is free of charge.

So if you’re interested in seeing how our country is viewed in other parts of the world, or you’re looking for more insight into breaking developments in other countries, this is a tremendous (and addictive) resource.