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HD DVD Continues Early Lead

September 29, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The conflict between BluRay and HD DVD as the new blue laser standard format for high definition DVDs is rapidly evolving into a religious conflict similar to the one between the Mac and the PC. You can find heated debate and impassioned defenses for both sides all over the Web. The staff at decided to see how the early products are doing. They analyzed more than 120 reviews of a BluRay and an HD DVD player on Amazon. And they found that the HD DVD player is getting better reviews.

The average customer scored the HD DVD drive at 4.53 (out of 5), but the BluRay only at 2.25. That’s a rather large spread. The most negative topic about HD DVD was the load time, while the most negative point about the BluRay model was its price.

Clearly, these results are not enough to crown a winner, as newer models may change the customer reactions. All the same, the folks at have done a great job of collecting some useful information. And the evidence is showing a strong consumer preference for HD DVD. Stay tuned.