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WB Releases HD Titles

September 20, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

October 10th, Warner Home Video will release a dozen new high-definition DVD titles. The actual titles are not nearly as interesting as two other facts. First, 10 of the 12 new titles will be on HD DVD format, leaving only two on Blu-Ray. And the HD DVDs will list for $28.99 while the Blu-Ray titles will list for $6 more, at $34.99.

Hmmm… more choices for HD DVD, a 20% premium for Blu-Ray discs, and less-expensive HD DVD players. Oh, and the HD DVD players appear to be in greater supply than the Blu-Ray models. I definitely am beginning to see a pattern here, as HD DVD appears to be extending its lead over Blu-Ray in the high-definition, blue laser DVD race.