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Reconsider Front Projection HDTV

September 15, 2006 | Author: sysadmindgs

At the CEDIA show this week in Denver, one hot topic has been the new wave of 1080p front projectors designed for HDTV applications. Until now, these typically cost $10,000 or more, and were destined for high-end home theater installations.

Then on Wednesday, Sony announced its new VPL-VW50 that uses the company’s acclaimed SXRD version of LCoS technology. It is scheduled to ship later this month with 900 lumens, dual HDMI connectors, power zoom, and auto-iris, all for a surprising $4,999 list.

Sony is not the only one to come out with similarly-priced 1080p projectors, though I don’t have the details on some of the others yet. This new low price is getting a lot of attention, and if you want a really large display in your home, this is becoming an affordable way to get it. The projector screens that reject ambient light aren’t inexpensive, but they can make a front projector installation in a typical living room a practical option.