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If You Have to Ask…

September 7, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The Yalos Diamond LCD TV from Keymat Industrie

Looking for a unique gift this year for that special HDTV-loving someone in your life? Check out the Yalos Diamond from Keymat Industrie of Italy. Those little sparkly dots around the black bezel in the photo are diamonds. Real diamonds. 160 of them, for a total of 20 carats. And in case you’re concerned about buying an Italian product, rest assured that the company’s founders “are aware of the fact that the after sale services are as important as the product’s quality, that’s why we offer aftersale worldwide service, in all languages, all callibrated to precise customer needs.”

This little gem of a TV will only set you back about $130,000. The most curious detail about this TV is that I could not find the screen size (or any other specifications beyond the carat count) mentioned anywhere, including Keymat’s own Web site and press release. Oh well, I guess that it’s like the old saying; if you have to ask how big it is, you can’t afford it.