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LCD HDTV: The Big Show!

August 22, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Samsung's new 70-inch LCD HDTV

The arms race of “mine is bigger” continues unabated as Samsung has announced that it will sell a 70-inch LCD HDTV in 2007. The company has announced that it will show the new display tomorrow, Wednesday, August 23, at the International Meeting on Information Displays in Daegu, South Korea. The new 1080p display incorporates 120 Hz refresh technology, designed to decrease motion blurring in LCD panels.

This is also another salvo in the war between plasma and LCD. Until recently, LCD owned the space for 37-inch displays and smaller, with plasma dominating from 40-inches and up. LCD has now matched prices with plasma in the 40- to 45-inch range, and is rapidly taking market share away from plasma. By announcing a 70-inch LCD, Samsung is declaring a willingness to compete at even larger sizes, where current options are limited to plasma and rear-projection. And competition generally means a win for the consumer.

So if you’re in Daegu tomorrow, drop me a line at and tell me how this new screen looks.