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Big HDTV Sale for Dell

July 31, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

I know that this makes two Dell items in a row, but this one is on a different subject. You may be having a hard time deciding which HDTV to buy, but what if you were buying nearly 500 HDTVs at once? This was the problem faced by the folks who run the American Airlines Center — home of the NBA Dallas Mavericks (owned by HDTV-proponent Mark Cuban) — when planning upgrades to the venue’s displays. On Friday, Dell announced that they will be providing the HDTVs throughout the Center.

185 42-inch plasma HDTVs will be installed in the 144 luxury suites and common areas. Upscale areas will get 23 50-inch plasma HDTVs. In addition, they will install 276 23- and 32-inch LCD HDTVs for digital entertainment and signage in the concourse.

That’s a lot of TVs on one order, but this is part of the market known as the hospitality segment. Flat screen HDTVs are being installed in thousands of hotel rooms — and cruise ship cabins — every year. A large number of these sales are made directly by the manufacturer, rather than through some retailer or installer. At this point, flat panel screens enhance the guest experience and provide a luxury component that can give a hotel or other location a competitive edge. As this trend continues, however, such venues will have to move up to flat panels just to keep pace with the competition.