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July 13, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

The movie studios continue to throw spaghetti at any wall they can find, in hopes that something will stick. Now it’s Sony inking a deal with to distribute feature films from the Sony catalog. The films will be available for download to own, and Sony expects to have 500 titles available within the year. Movies include new releases and older films from the Sony catalog. uses Microsoft’s Digital Rights Management (copy protection) system, which reportedly prevents buyers from recording the films onto DVDs. The films must be viewed using a device compatible with Windows Media technology.

The fact that you own the downloaded copies is good. If they are of equivalent quality as the DVD you’d buy at the store, then they may also represent a good value. The copy protection restrictions may be annoying or even problematic, but if this form of distribution takes hold, expect to see more players that support Windows Media formats directly, which should make the format more portable and convenient.