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BenQ and Blu-ray

July 5, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

BenQ has announced that it will start shipping a Blu-ray recorder starting next month. The drive will read and write CD, DVD, and Blu-ray formats. Perhaps the most startling feature is that it will sell for about $1,000, which is about the same price as many of the announced read-only Blu-ray drives from other countries.

Has BenQ figured out how to make these drives much more cheaply than the competition? Or are they just willing to take a loss on each unit in order to buy market share? And if they do start shipping in August, will the quantity be sufficient to meet demand? Will there be any demand?

Now that products are starting to appear on store shelves with price tags attached, we’ll start to find out the truth about the competition between HD DVD and Blu-ray, and just how much demand there is for a new optical disc format to support HDTV. I think that there are a lot of surprises still ahead.