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Panasonic Starts HDTV Concierge Service

June 28, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

It comes as no surprise that people are confused to varying degrees by the whole process of moving to HDTV, from researching the choices, making the purchase, installing it at home, and then getting the most from it. Earlier this month, Panasonic announced a new service, Plasma Concierge, that is intended to help customers throughout the process. The service includes a new Web site, priority telephone support, and eventually an online chat service with company plasma experts.

This strikes me as being a good idea, but it also sounds like Panasonic is simply taking a good customer service program and wrapping it up in a pretty bundle. Perhaps this is in response to Best Buy’s “Geek Squad” that provides technical support services (though for a fee). Perhaps it is just intended to make plasma buyers feel more special and supported, which certainly could be a good thing. Whatever the motivation, Panasonic may not be doing anything more than any good support program should do, but they clearly are trying to draw more attention to their support services.