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One with Everything

June 22, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Bad joke alert: What did the Buddhist monk ask the New York City hot dog vendor? “Please make me one with everything.”

Okay, not too Zen perhaps, but it’s right in line with DirecTV’s new offer: the Titanium Package. Talk about an “all you can eat” plan! This is clearly designed for the viewer who can’t decide what to watch. You get every channel, every movie, every pay per view event, every game, and even every HDTV channel. You can even have up to 10 HD DVR receivers, so you never have to miss anything. In short, it’s everything that DirecTV offers. You do pay for this blanket coverage, however: $7,500 a year, which works out to $625 a month. The new service will reportedly start next week.

I suppose that for some folks, this is no more than making a monthly payment on an extra luxury car, but this is clearly offered for a very select clientelle.

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