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Nothing on HDTV?

June 19, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

So you’ve got a big, gorgeous HDTV set in your living room. It looks great when you’re watching TV or movies, but it just sits there taking up space when you’re not watching. Sure, you could hide it behind the doors of an entertainment center, but Panasonic and GalleryPlayer figure you might want to use it for something a bit more artistic. The companies have collaborated to create a site where you can download free software to a PC, and then purchase high-definition images of fine art to display on your HDTV.

The image sources include National Geographic and The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and individual pictures start as low a s$.99 per image. You can then create high-definition slide shows. According to the Web site, “GalleryPlayer has been designed so that burn-in is nearly impossible. Our smart technology manages image time on screen and ensures images don’t display long enough for burn-in to occur.” This should be of some comfort to plasma screen owners.

So if you want to hang a Monet or Matisse on your wall, or display some breathtaking landscapes or golf greens, you’ll find the images on this site. It’s an interesting service, but anyone with a PC that connects to their HDTV could probably get close to a similar effect using images available on the Web and a photo editing program. And I would not leave this running 24/7; aside from the power consumption question, it doesn’t make sense to waste the lifespan of the display when nobody is there to view it. Most displays will still for last years even if left on all the time, but I’d only use this when someone is in the room.