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HDTV in the Palm of Your Hand

June 15, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Symbol's laser scanning pocket projection engine

At the Society for Information Display conference in San Francisco last week, Symbol showed a prototype of their pocket projector engine, which only takes up 4.3 cubic inches (without its heatsink). Think of a deck of cards; now think half that size. That’s small. At this point, the projector only puts out 10 lumens of light, which is only enough to make a small, personal image. You won’t fill a wall with this projector.

The image is created using tiny lasers and moving mirrors that scan the beams to create the image. It can be used to create different resolution images, but goes all the way up to 720p HDTV images. Symbol is planning to ship sample units to prospective manufacturers within the next two months, and expects that there will be commercial products available using the engine sometime in 2007.

And as small as this projector engine is now, a company representative told me that with improvements to the green laser module could let them cut the size and power consumption in half. Now that’s small!

It’s developments such as this that makes the prospect of truly personal HDTV video devices seem possible.