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PowerDVD Supports MPEG4 AVC

May 12, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

An announcement from CyberLink describes their new PowerDVD 7 Deluxe software package for DVD playback that makes it easy to watch movies on your notebook or desktop computer. One interesting feature of this latest version is that it supports MPEG4 AVC compression, also known as H.264. This provides higher compression rates with improved image quality over the MPEG2 standard used in regular DVDs.

It is interesting to see the growing support for MPEG4. As I have mentioned before, it helps data providers to make the most of their bandwidth. It also may make it feasible to put HD versions of movies on standard DVDs, without having to go to the expense of a blue-laser high-density DVD format. (Not to mention the difficulty in choosing between the two competing blue-laser formats.) I expect to see MPEG4/H.264 implemented in many more software and hardware products in the near future.