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50″ Plasma HDTV under $2K

May 4, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Residential AV” reports that Envision Peripherals has announced plans to ship a 50″ plasma HDTV next fall with a list price of $2,395. This means that the model could well sell at a street price under $2,000.

Wow. Prices have been falling for plasma and LCD, but this is a dramatic price point to break through. 42″ plasma HDTVs only recently reached this point. This pricing strategy is going to place strong pressure on the rest of the plasma manufacturers, as well as the LCD makers who are struggling to meet plasma prices in the 42″ range. It could reduce or even erase the price advantage enjoyed now by rear-projection models in the 50″ range.

I’m not ready to recommend that you put off your HDTV purchase for 6 months just to wait for the holiday pricing; if you can find a deal that suits your needs and tastes and budget now, go for the bird in the hand and enjoy it. But it does look as though there may be some attractive deals coming in the end of the year, if they actually materialize.