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Bigger Glass for LCD HTVs

May 3, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

Last week, LG.Philips celebrated the completion of its 7th generation LCD panel manufacturing plant. LCD plants are described by generations to denote the size of the glass substrates that are used. Larger substrates mean that larger displays can be made more efficiently, which manufactures (and consumers) hope will result in lower prices.

This new plant uses sheets of glass that are 1,950 by 2,250 mm, which is about 6.6 feet by 7.7 feet. This size is optimized to make 42- and 47-inch panels, which just happens to be the battleground size range between LCD and plasma (and rear-projection) HDTVs in terms of price. LCDs have already captured the market for anything smaller than 40 inches, and plants like this new LG.Philips installation are going to be on the front lines for the battle over larger sizes.