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Mobile TV Set to Grow

April 28, 2006 | Author: Ibex Marketing

It’s almost the opposite of HDTV — at least at this point — but television and other video content on mobile devices including cell phones has become a hot topic. According to many reports (including one from Internet World) , mobile video was the major buzz at the National Association of Broadcasters — NAB — conference in Las Vegas this week.

Lots of problems are cited as potential speed bumps in development: competing standards, small screens not formated for HD content, displays not capable of handling the dynamic range of sound and video used in most content. Still, early tests indicate that consumers are hungry for video on mobile devices, and lots of companies are rushing to meet the demand.

Indirectly, this development could have an impact on HDTV. If consumer demand moves to small, personal displays and away from large, group displays, it could alter the forecast production requirements for the larger displays. It’s too early to tell if mobile video will be instead of or in addition to other video, but it’s a movement worth watching.